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(Real) Praise for 236 POUNDS OF VICE PRESIDENT and

“Mulgrew returns to his formative years at an exclusive prep school for bright boys and finds a ton of absurdist comedy gold to mine….The author has a good sense of comic timing, whether he’s relating his introduction to the wonderful world of self-gratification or describing his penchant for wearing a full-length fur cape around school grounds. Mulgrew’s cynical run for class vice president serves as the penultimate moment of his often-raucous recollections, but there are plenty of other hilarious vignettes along the way….Characters from Mulgrew’s previous memoir, like his two-fisted dad and no-nonsense mom, make return appearances that are both funny and profound. Relentlessly self-deprecating yet unabashedly accepting, the author displays a palpable sense of humanity….A young writer finds once more that it isn’t too early to look back on his life and laugh out loud.” – Kirkus Reviews

“The somewhat alarming, always interesting world inside Jason’s brain has now been strewn across the pages of a book. Godspeed, reader.” — Steve Hely, author of HOW I BECAME A FAMOUS NOVELIST

“After reading this book, I’m surprised there’s not more wrong with Jason Mulgrew. People who grow up like this tend to become agoraphobics, serial killers, or really funny writers. Mulgrew, I think— hope?—is the last of these three things. His stories of childhood made me laugh out loud. Jason: I did your quote; please don’t murder me.” — Rob McElhenney, star, creator, and producer of IT’S ALWAYS SUNNY IN PHILADELPHIA

“A funny confessional from the American ethnic hinterlands. Jason Mulgrew is the John Hughes of South Philadelphia.” – Neal Pollack, author of ALTERNADAD and STRETCH

“Long ago, before he had failed as an adult, Jason Mulgrew took a nonfiction class from me in college (pass/fail, naturally), and I can still remember, as if it were yesterday, gazing upon his shining visage each morning and thinking to myself, ‘Hey, is that kid drunk?’ It is heartening to have this impression confirmed, these many years later. Now buy this effing book. It’s brilliant.” — Steve Almond, author of CANDYFREAK and MY LIFE IN HEAVY METAL

“[Mulgrew] clearly subscribes to the Sedaris school of memoir writing … [He] is a tremendously entertaining and affable writer …” — Booklist

“Jason Mulgrew’s wild, boozy, joyfully reckless, working-class Philadelphia of the 1980s and 90s doesn’t just come to life; it is the sort of autobiographical landscape that would get up and walk across the country just to punch Lake Wobegone in the face. Few essayists are as bravely–and hilariously–self-revealing and self-abusing.” — John Hodgman, author of THE AREAS OF MY EXPERTISE and MORE INFORMATION THAN YOU REQUIRE

“I want to thank Jason Mulgrew for letting me know that, while I’m not an awkward teen anymore, I wasn’t entirely alone back then after all–it turns out there was another weird kid making poor decisions and masturbating furiously whenever time permitted….Thank you, Jason–the healing begins now.” –Dave Hill, author of TASTEFUL NUDES

“With high-spirited exaggeration, blogger Mulgrew portrays his youth as a colorful blend of family dysfunctionality and loose neighborhood mores. Drunkenness, divorce, pugilism, gambling, and thievery all play an integral part in Mulgrew’s development….Augusten Burroughs fans will enjoy such wry male humor.” — Library Journal

“I love 236 Pounds of Class Vice President. Should I call Jason Mulgrew brave? Hilarious? Honest? Gifted? Stunning? Tender? Let’s just put it this way: he may be the best man on the planet.” – Rachel Shukert, author of EVERYTHING IS GOING TO BE GREAT

“Fitfully funny …” — Kirkus Reviews

(Fake) Praise for 236 POUNDS OF VICE PRESIDENT and

“This book is fucking siiiiick!!!!” — Barack Obama, President of the United States

“Philosophy, as I have understood it hitherto, is a voluntary retirement into the regions of ice and mountain peaks – the seeking out of everything strange and questionable. It also involves reading this book and masturbating a lot.” — Friedrich Nietzsche, Philosopher and (Apparent) Onanist

“If you were to tell me that Jason Mulgrew would write arguably the most influential piece of literature of the twenty-first century, I would have said, ‘Yeah, that sounds about right.’” — This guy that I sometimes buy pot from who thinks I’m smart because I told him that Mountain Dew lowers your sperm count (I think his name is Rob)

“Any book that helps a child to form a habit of reading, to make reading one of his deep and continuing needs, is good for him. Except for Mulgrew’s book, of course; you need balls, real balls – or at least, you need to be familiar with balls – to try to take this baby down.” — Maya Angelou, Poet and Pulitzer Prize Nominee

“I haven’t finished it yet.” — Dennis Mulgrew, father of Jason Mulgrew and Not a Super Huge Fan of Books